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A little bit about Bridges2Life...

Bridges2Life is dedicated to healing our communities 1 individual at a time

Counseling, mentorship, trainings…you name it!


  • Individual Counseling/Consultation

  • Partner/Group Counseling/Consultation

  • Family Counseling/Consultation

Please look at our Services page for more info!

Mentorship- Interested in martial counseling? Please look at our Services page for more info!

Trainings- We are looking to bring awareness to what’s going on in our world and communities as it relates to the racial divide. We are looking to identify ways on how we can bridge the gap in racial division and decrease and change bias views.

Below are few training topics that we offer:​

  • Decrease stigma, implicit bias, assumptions, and micro-aggressions

  • Cultural Competency & Humility

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Fostering Effective Communication

  • Bystander Intervention Training

  • Resolving Implicit/Unconscious Bias

  • Preventing Micro-aggressions and Resolving Micro-inequities

  • Identify and combating Stereotypes, Prejudice, Racism

Please look at our Services page for more info or send us a message!


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